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Description: This page describes how to set up a company in OFbiz.

Setup as of 10.4

There are two ways now, as of 10.4, the easiest is the new way.
click on OFBIZ Setup
follow instruction
then https://localhost:8443/ofbizsetup/control/initialsetup and click on help

The second way before 10.4 is:

Install Demo Data

First of all you need to install Demo data in OFbiz by running the following command ant run-install . After the command runs successfully all the data needed to run your application gets loaded.               

Login into Party component

After starting server, go on to Party component by url http://localhost:8080/partymgr and you will be prompted with the following screen. Enter username admin and password ofbiz.


Find party Company

After successful login into partymgr you'll get following screen                                               


Now type "Company" in the Party ID field and press enter or click on the Lookup Party button, following screen will be in front of you                

Now click on the Party ID Company and you will be on profile page of Company which is as follows:

Edit group information of Company

Now as the the profile page is in front of you; the profile for the company can be edited by using various option available here. Click on the update tab of the Party Group Information box to configure the profile of Party group. After Clicking on the update tab the following screen will be shown    



Enter the group name of the company (for instance HotWax Media as shown) and other information as your wish and then click on the save button. Once again you are prompted with the profile screen with the Group Name as HotWax Media.                  


Create/Edit Contact Information

You can also create/edit contact information for the Party Group. For this click on the Create New tab of the Contact Information, and following screen will render  


  The Contact type may be one of the following namely:
  I) Electronic Address

  II) Postal address

  III) Phone Number

  IV) Internet IP Address

  V) Email Address

  VI) Internet domain Name

  VII) Web URL/Address

Select any one of the Contact Type from the drop down list(In this case Postal Address) and click on the create button and fill the appropriate information in the screen and click on Save button as follows


In the similar way you can create the other Contact type such as telephone number, email address of the party etc. Just click on the Create New tab and select any of the contact type and then follow the same steps as stated above. When you create an E-mail address or Phone Number, you can also specify the contact Purposes, i.e for which reason you are storing this phone number. The Contact Purpose may be one of the following :  

  1. Billing(AP) Phone Number
  2. Payment(AR) Phone Number
  3. Main Fax Number
  4. Shipping Destination Phone Number and so on.                     

Select any Contact Purpose and click on the save button the following screen will be in front of you.



Create/Edit Role of Company    

 You can also create/edit role by selecting the Role(s) tab just below the menu bar. After clicking on the Role(s) tab you are prompted with the following screen.



Select any of Role Type Id ( Bill_To_Vendor in this case) from the drop down list and then click the Add button. The following screen will be displayed.


In the similar way we can also set the Party Role Type Id as Bill_From_Vendor, Internal_Organization and so on. By just selecting Role Type Id from the Dropdown list and clicking on the Add button.The screen will be as follows


Set Accounting Preference

In order to set accounting preference you have to navigate to Accounting component then click on the General Ledger tab in the menu-bar. You will be Prompted with the following screen. 



 To set the accounting preference of the Party, click on the Setup button(in this case Hotwax Media) and edit the various information as desired as shown. Since party Hotwax Media has already been edited while creating so below screen shot is not having party Hotwaxmedia. But when you create your own company then your form will look like following form.


Be careful while editing accounting preference because after editing this once you'll not be able to update again since form will not be in editable mode due to some reason.


After saving the form following screen will be rendered.                       






So in this way you can easily setup the company in the OFbiz environment. Just click tabs, buttons and create any company according to your wish and needs.


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