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This document is the placeholder for (major) improvements in the Manufacturing component. This document is related to New Features Roadmap - Living Document and addresses the improvements identified in JIRA issues and suggestions provided by the community through the mailing lists.


The current list of unresolved issues related to the Manufacturing component can be found here:

Unresolved manufacturing issues

Below you'll find an overview of improvements currently not addressed in JIRA (see above list).

Lifecycle Mgt of Recipes

Recipes are at the core of process oriented manufacturing (e.g. baking and brewing) whereby the combined components are transformed from their original state into a new product without the possibility to reverse the process. The best example existing to date is the process of getting from whole eggs to scrambled eggs. This cannot be reversed.

As a recipe consist of both a BoM and a production schema, various entities and functions (services) are used to enable the execution of production runs.

The BoM is the association between products (defined in the Catalog), whereby one product is the end product (the good to be produced) and other products are the components that go into the end product. The association between end product and its components is typed through following definition:

<ProductAssocType description="Manufacturing Bill of Materials" hasTable="N" parentTypeId="PRODUCT_COMPONENT" productAssocTypeId="MANUF_COMPONENT"/>


and is persisted through entity:

<entity entity-name="ProductAssoc" package-name="org.ofbiz.product.product" title="Product Association Entity">

The production schema part of the recipe is a association between work efforts (defined in component WorkEffort), whereby one work effort is the schema and others are the task definitions that go into the schema.

Both schema and task are typed through following definition:

<WorkEffortAssocType description="Routing and Routing Task Association" hasTable="N" parentTypeId="" workEffortAssocTypeId="ROUTING_COMPONENT"/>

and are persisted through entity:

<entity entity-name="WorkEffortAssoc" package-name="org.ofbiz.workeffort.workeffort" title="Work Effort Association Entity">


To be completed/enhanced

In-situ addition of materials, production resources and outputs

To be outlined

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