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Support of Users and Developers List:

The user list is intended for installation, deployment, custom development and usage related topics.

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When you ask a complex questions on this list, it's better to give details. Most of the time URLs are enough and welcome.
Else please follow this scenario (at leat relevant parts)


  • What you were looking for
  • How did you try to achieve it
  • What did you expect as results
  • And what you really got


  1. What you did (including detailed steps to reproduce)
  2. What you expected to happen
  3. What actually happened (including exact quotes of error messages, etc)
  4. If possible provide an URL

Design and development List:

The developer list is strictly for topics related to the design and development of the OFBiz Project itself.
Please don't ask questions relevant to User Mailing List in this Mailing List. If you are not sure to which list to post, do it into User Mailing List. By the way, you should get much more attention from this list for users questions type.

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Commits List:

The commits list is used to notify subscribers of commits to the OFBiz SVN repository and is not used for discussions. 

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Searching in the wiki

As Confluence wiki is shared among projects at the ASF, if you want to search only for OFBiz information you can use the OFBiz Advanced Search page.

Or you can follow these steps:

  1. Add the 5 OFBiz spaces (or whatever you want) into your favorite spaces. For that, browse and click on the 'Star' besides any spaces to add, or if you see any stars there, whilst in a space click on Tools > Favorite. The star should go yellow.
  2. Click in the search box and press enter to get the advanced search (Which should bring you to
  3. Type in your search term then choose 'Favorite Spaces' from the 'Where' drop down box.
  4. Click on filter.

Results from only the spaces you have added to favorites will be shown.

Personnaly I have also added the 5 spaces as watches to receive everyday a summary of changes in these space. This also build you a correct dashboard (My Dashboard).

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  1. Please, anyone can advise how can we add button for employee to submit the leave application ( self service) in MyPortal > MyLeave as the menu leave in HR module? As I have seen in HR module, there is a button to request for leave. But when I set permission for them to view in HR module, they can see all HR information.

    Any patch? any advise?


    1. I meant to ask on the user ML not to ask here. That is send an email to Better to register before, to be able to follow the possible resulting thread there.

  2. I propose to delete this page, moved to trash for now.