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This page is used to plan and manage the work involved in the update of the current OFBiz website

High Level Plan

  • Phase 1: Requirements Definition
  • Phase 2: Design & Structure
  • Phase 3 Build & Construct
  • Phase 4: Validate & Test
  • Phase 5: Transition & Publish

Phase 1: Requirements Definition


  • Review list of requirements and classify into 'Must Have' and 'Like to Have'
  • Get community feedback on proposed requirement classification
  • Revise requirements and/or classifications

Phase 1 completed. Requirements for the Website Update have been documented here.

Phase 2 : Design &  Structure

Proposed Website Structure has been documented below:

Option A

Option B

Website Structure

  • Draft Website structures from existing proposals
  • Get community feedback on proposed structures
Phase 2 completed. The final website approved by the community is here

Phase 3: Build & Construct


  • Find Website Template
  • Draft Sample Pages
  • Get Community feedback
  • Draft complete website incorporating Graphic Designus,images and logo
  • Get Community feedback on completed look and feel

Ongoing Tasks

Please see below for the list of tasks and their status:


Task or JIRADescriptionWho's Working on ItStatusComments
1Create Source Repositories page   
2Include Website Analytics   
3Convert php templates to Freemarker so that HTML pages can be generated from the templates   
4Automate the generation of HTML pages using Freemarker and Gradle   



Phase 4: Validate & Test

Task or JIRA

 DescriptionWho's Working on ItStatusComments
1 Multi browser capability - test that website will work with different browsers and mobile devices   
2 Test all external links open in a separate page   
3 Check spelling, grammar,punctuation etc   
4Check that all links work   


Phase 5: Transition & Publish



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