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this is to collect the oagis fragmenets and put the together with an overview

the OAGIS component is in /specialpurposes/oagis

Using Service Stream Handler in OAGIS

The flow of OAGIS is important to understand
it is done through sending (sendMessageText) to a URL and giving a URL
to return (oagisReceiveConfirmBod) the confirm message.

The difference btw OAGIS communications and AS2 it that in AS2 you
define a trading partner certificate that each has to validate and
define how and where to communicate. This is now accepted by most
trading partners. OAGIS uses a properties and the way it is setup now,
in ofbiz, can only deal with one trading partner. Check out the

if you look at oagisReceiveSyncInventory in the controller that is a URI
the other trading partner will send to. the properties has the URL you
sent the messages to.

The Noun Verb in the OAGIS Documents defines the process like
CONFIRM (verb) BOD(Noun)
if you look at the this will show you.

now as far as information, you have the standard forms and by using
those you can send any information you want.

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