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  • Pre-Canned Solution for IT Services company

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Develop Ofbiz distribution that meets requirements of IT Services company.


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    Contents from a mail on user list.

     I've been looking for a free software to make my accounting work for
    my starting self-employment as IT consultant.
    Looking back and forth, there seems to be not that much, but the
    description on the OFbiz site, combined with Java as language, was
    quite appealing. I've got some years of Java experience, so here I
    could make customizations.

    Now that I looked at it for a while, and tried to get started (I
    downloaded and started opentaps and neogia), I am quite overwhelmed.

    I only need accounting, and eventually a bit of CRM stuff (which I'd
    otherwise do with SugarCRM/vTiger) - and the sheer download size of
    the ofBiz products, and all the manufacturing and whatnot things I
    have in the interface got me quite a bit confused.

    I wonder, do you think it is appropriate for a very small business to
    use ofBiz for the mentioned tasks?
    Or would you suggest, my plan B, writing something myself with
    groovy/grails as easy development framework, with a low learning
    curve, exactly tailored for my small needs ?

    If you believe I should do it, where are some simpler guides?
    I somehow think I saw some more small getting started
    tutorials/howto's or examples these days, but now I can't find them
    anymore. I really don't know where to start.