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Application for managing recruitment process in a company.

  1. Candidates applies for job online
  2. Candidate emails application and/or resume to company
  3. Hiring Agent enters  application in system
  4. Applications are scheduled for screening
  5. Screening agent reviews applications.
  6. Screening agent schedules appointment with interviewers and calls candidates for interview
  7. Screening agent schedules written test calls candidate for written test
  8. Written test scores are recorded in system
  9. Candidates are shortlisted for interview based on performance in test
  10. Step 6
  11. Interview scores are recorded with application
  12. Candidates shortlisted after interview are sent offer for job.

Screening application: Screening authority will evaluate application utilizing configured rating criteria.

Implementation Idea: Employment Application first screening survey will be defined. Screening authority will take this survey for each application. Question on survey will be rating criteria and answers will be rating on scale of lets say 1 to 10 with 10 being highest.

Short list application for next step in hiring process (e.g call for interview): Hiring agent will run a report. User can select different rating values for each screening criteria. User should be able to send email to application to call for next step in hiring process. User may also choose to select multiple or all applicants and send email. User should be able to create email from a existing template in system.

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  1. Unknown User (

    Ofbiz eCommerce component should have a link for jobs. Page linked to Jobs should have basic form to submit application. This will will have First and Last Name, email address, phone number and attach resume.

    On Submit create a Job application.

  2. Unknown User (

    It will be employment application and not job application.