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If Search Engine Optimisation has no interest on the backend side, because the backend  is most often used in an intranet, it's a main concern on the eCommerce side.


In OFBiz, there are 2 ways to handle SEO on the eCommerce side of OFBiz, depending if you use the ecommerce webapp or it's new SEO specialised clone ecomseo webapp (since r1655803)

As you are probably aware, OFBiz has a pretty uncommon way of generating URLs. Most of this has to do with the fact that OFBiz uses a servlet (ControlServlet) to handle all requests. The servlet is mounted at /control, so that it won't interfere with other servlets. Though functionally valid, this has the side effect that all URLs are actually created on /control, which is neither pretty, nor good by any measures of SEO. It also means that a few 302 redirects are necessary to forward the user from / to /control/main. It also makes requests more complicated, since many forwards are necessary whenever somebody wants to move away from this implementation. If this is acceptable for the ERP backend it's less desirable for an eCommerce frontend. This is what you get with the ecommerce webapp. On the other hand the SEO specialised ecomseo webapp offers you more:

  • Removal of /control out of all the urls
  • SEO-friendly URLS
  • Configurable product/category and other URLs
  • Frontpage mapping from /main to /

So before implementing your eCommerce application be sure to compare this 2 ways of doing things...

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  1. Maybe we should consider favouring the ecomseo way as the default and only way for the ecommerce component, and get rid of the confusing functionality (of the ecomseo web app).