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Due date


elRTE as a WYSIWYG-Editor is highly outdated.

As stated in OFBIZ-10093, the current visual editor for textareas has not been updated for four years. The Homepage is not available anymore.

The developers of elRTE seem to be still active, since their elFinder Project is thouroughly maintained. Perhaps we can contact them and ask on the current state of the project. When they update their project, we might not need to change, if elRTE still meets our demands.

Demands that should be met

  • Have an active community / active development
  • Open License
  • Html-view
  • .ftl support
  • no additional dependencies


Action points

  • Decide on the demands that have to be met
  • Create an evaluation grid based on the demands
  • Talk to Studio 42 on the state of elRTE
  • Evaluate the candidates
  • Make decission