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I you get this problem : the horizontal menu in the right column is causing the HTML elements below it to drop down to the bottom of the screen.

Screen widget menus are unordered lists ( <ul> elements ) - which is a common practice. An unordered list is vertical by default, but we can make it horizontal by using some CSS magic - we float the line items in the list. The floated line items have to be "cleared" or else other HTML elements will "spill into" them. That is the purpose of the <br class="clear"/> element. Its effect is to block any other HTML elements from appearing to the right or left of the menu - which keeps them from "spilling into" it.

This method works great if there are no columns. Inside a column, this method prevents HTML elements from appearing to the left or right of the unordered list - which (in the HTML markup) has appeared AFTER the left column. Oops, all remaining HTML elements will now be rendered below the left column. That's not what we wanted.

Removing the <br class="clear"/> is a tempting fix, but all other menus will now have HTML elements spilling into them. The correct approach is to disable the clearing effect on this menu only:

<style type="text/css">
   .no-clear .clear {
     clear: none;

<div class="no-clear">
   <!-- menu widget code here -->

Inline styles aren't possible using screen widgets, hence the no-clear CSS class in the maincss.css file. Now the no-clear style can be added to the menu container style:

<menu name="AccountSubTabBar" menu-container-style="button-bar 
button-style-2 no-clear" default-selected-style="selected">
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