Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2 (AOO 4.1.2) is the next planned release of Apache OpenOffice, with a planned release date in October 2015.

Update: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2 was released on 28 October 2015. See the Release Notes for more information.

Release Schedule

The final 4.1.2 release is planned for October 2015.

Release Progress and Volunteers


Appoint Release Manager  (tick)Andrea Pescetti is appointed Release Manager for OpenOffice 4.1.2.
Propose string/localization updates  (tick)

OpenOffice 4.1.2 will be released in the same languages as version 4.1.1.

Critical translation fixes, if any, will be backported from 4.2.0 for languages requesting them.

Propose dictionary updates  (tick)

English dictionary: Marco Pinto contributed version 2015.08.01, integrated.

English dictionary: Marco Pinto contributed version 2015.09.01, integrated.

English dictionary: Marco Pinto contributed version 2015.10.01, integrated in RC3.

Portuguese dictionary: Pedro asked to update the Portoguese dictionary,  integrated in RC3.

Select bugfixes and enhancements for OpenOffice 4.1.2 (tick)

Anyone can propose a blocker either using the "4.1.2 Release Blocker" flag in Bugzilla or writing to the dev list.

The following people helped by suggesting possible blocker bugs:

Provide code for the selected bugfixes/enhancements (tick)
  • hanya
  • Marco Pinto
  • Giuseppe Castegno
  • Regina Henschel
  • Andrea Pescetti
  • Yuri Dario
  • Armin LeGrand
  • hdu
  • jsc
  • Kay
  • davide
  • Damjan Jovanovic
  • Stefan Heinemann 
  • engstromea
  • truckman
  • pfg 
  • samalipraveena
  • Alexander Pyhalov



Buildbots  (tick)

Volunteers: Gavin McDonald, Andrew Rist, Don Lewis

Buildbots available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD. OS X still missing but not a blocker (we don't need a buildbot for OS X release builds).

Windows builds (tick)

Jürgen Schmidt tested the build on the same systems used for building 4.1.1

hrin provided Windows builds for several languages

OS X builds (tick)Jürgen Schmidt tested the build on the same systems used for building 4.1.1
Linux builds (tick)Jürgen Schmidt tested the build on the same systems used for building 4.1.1
Vote on Release Candidate(tick)

VOTE was started on RC3 by Andrea Pescetti and passed.

Tally sent to dev list on 27 October 2015.

Upload builds to mirrors(tick)

Volunteers: Andrea Pescetti

Copy requires just a few hours, with the normal rsync instructions shown at https://sourceforge.net/p/forge/documentation/File%20Management/ (project name is openofficeorg.mirror).

Set new files as "Latest Version": done by Marcus Lange see http://s.apache.org/uaj

Update Feed (new check.Update for aoo411 area – http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/openoffice/updates-site/trunk/aoo411/) 

08 Nov 2015



Suggest phased in approach with English as Phase I.



Generic QA(tick)

Kay Schenk sent the calls.

Useful links for QA tests (for people who have a Bugzilla account):

Release blockers requested not yet processed: https://bz.apache.org/ooo/buglist.cgi?cmdtype=dorem&remaction=run&namedcmd=4.1.2_blocker_requested&sharer_id=7

Release blockers approved and ported to AOO 4.1.2: https://bz.apache.org/ooo/buglist.cgi?cmdtype=dorem&remaction=run&namedcmd=4.1.2_approved_and_fixed&sharer_id=7

Total approved release blockers (some not yet ported to AOO 4.1.2):  https://bz.apache.org/ooo/buglist.cgi?cmdtype=dorem&remaction=run&namedcmd=4.1.2_approved&sharer_id=7


Specific QA focused on 4.1.2 bugfixes/enhancements(tick)

Bugs were verified fixed by:


Blog post: first status update and call for volunteers(tick)Andrea Pescetti
Blog posts: announcement(tick)Andrea Pescetti / Marcus Lange
Website: link top bar to 4.1.2 blog post(tick)Andrea Pescetti / Marcus Lange
Website: link announcements to 4.1.2 blog posts(tick)Andrea Pescetti / Marcus Lange
Wiki: prepare Release Notes (tick)

Keith McKenna

german release-notes prepared - Jörg Schmidt

Translated by volunteers into:

  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
Website: update download pages(tick)Marcus Lange
Press: prepare press release / announcement(tick)Based on Release Notes

Release Notes

Release Notes are available at the OpenOffice 4.1.2 Release Notes page.

Stay Informed

The best channels for accurate information about the OpenOffice 4.1.2 release progress are:


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