The splash screen and application launcher are the first things the user will see when starting up Apache OpenOffice.  They will also see it everyday.  It is important its usable and again consistent with branding.

In 4.1 only a few changes to the icons is what I propose to the start screen. (so far ;D, feel free to propose ideas in the comments section below) -Samer

Application Artifacts



4.1 Proposal


Splash Screen

No Visual Changes

Start Screen

Refresh Icons
Drop the three unlabeled icons. New Templates can be found in the Templates... pop up and plug in customization can be done in the File menu options.
Make the modules slightly larger.
Possibly in future have recent templates in a templates popup.

New Document List


Refresh Icons

About Screen

No Visual Changes

Low Priority - Was mentioned in mailing list that two logos was not necessary.
I would suggest removing the large logo on the left and moving "License..." in line and making about box more narrow. -SM

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  1. A change for the About screen has already been submitted to /trunk without the gull logo in the upper right presentation and I think that should be used, otherwise too many logos in this screen.