Please follow first these steps: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/x/XBT8AQ and then add your name here.


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Gheyret T kenji (coordinator), Sahran (translator)

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Trần Đình Thục Anh, Anh Phan

Trần Đình Thục Anh, Anh Phan

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  1. Hello, if you need help to translate documents to portuguese language, you can count on me (smile)

    1. Hello,

      You can start with your suggestions https://translate.apache.org/projects/aoo40 right away. Please consider the tips and rules http://openoffice.apache.org/translate.html 

      After you subscribe to the list, send an email:

      To: l10n@openoffice.apache.org
      Subject: New Pootle Account
      Hello my name is ..... and .... 
      Please consider to provide me with an account, I state that my contributions are under the Apache 2 license and I will work on ......language?...... po files.

      The administration of the pootle server will contact you for username/password. Note: some glitches where reported by users using chrome browser, consider using another one.

  2. Hello, would be nice to participate in Lithuanian language translation.
    What should be my next step?

    1. Adomas, please see How to Help Translate page for further guidance. Unfortunately your email address is hidden so it is not possible mail this answer directly to you.

      According to the page above the next step would be that you please subscribe to the localization mailing list and request the Pootle file for Lithuanian. According to the AOO Pootle Info on Lithuanian the translation has a 88% completion status.

      1. I think you should focus on https://translate.apache.org/projects/aoo40/ the new version as the old one will not re-release.

  3. Hello, i'm able to help in Brazilian Portuguese Translation.

  4. hello, I want to try to help translate in Indonesian

  5. Hi
    I'm from Portugal and I will be able to help.
    I've got a degree in Computing and some experience in translation.

    Rui C Correia

  6. Hello!

    I'm from Portugal and i'm available to give some help translating Openoffice into my country language.
    Best regards.

  7. Good evening,
    I'd like to try to help translating Openoffice into Catalan.

  8. Hello, I'm from Brazil and would like to participate in Brazilian Portuguese localization.

  9. I salute you, gentlemen !
    I am multi-awarded litterateur, and professional translator in GREEK language.
    I will be glad to help you.

    1. Hello Constantine,

      Please take a look on http://openoffice.apache.org/translate.html, for a fist step you should subscribe to the mailing list. Please note that its a universal list and you will probably get many mails but its a way to get in touch and communicate each other.

      The GUI translation for the new version 4.0 is by a 100% done and already distributed to the public, most of the work was done on an easy online platform. We now focus our work on the help files. Please see: https://translate.apache.org/el/aoo40help/ you can start right away your anonymous suggestions or you can ask to create an pootle account for you. After you subscribe to the list, send an email:

      To: l10n@openoffice.apache.org
      Subject: New Pootle Account
      Hello my name is ..... and .... 
      Please consider to provide me with an account, I state that my contributions are under the Apache 2 license and I will work on Greek po files.

      The administration of the pootle server will contact you for username/password. Note: some glitches where reported by users using chrome browser, consider using another one.

      Look around and if you have some Questions please ask the list or even here. I hope to see you soon, your help is needed.

      Take care,

  10. Hi, I am a freelance translator and wish to help in localizing OpenOffice into Greek

  11. I can help in translation into Turkish but time I can devote will be limited and I will be on holiday next 4 weeks mostly offline, can the remaining 10 per cent sent to me as a file so that I can work on it offline? Otherwise I can help from August onwards. I suppose there is not a span of time set to finish. I have experience of Pootle from Koha translation.

  12. I want to translate into Hindi. But there is so much mailing here and there that I am lost. please tell me how can I translate into hindi. it is not listed one.

    1. Please subscribe to the localization mailing list. http://openoffice.apache.org/mailing-lists.html#localization-mailing-list-public
      Find specific information on http://openoffice.apache.org/translate.html
      There exists translation file for OOo3.4. Please ask on the localization-mailing list to get a start for AOO4.0.

      1. Hello,
        I did subscribe and wrote mail on localization-mailing-list but nothing happened. It has not been initiated yet. how long it takes for initiation?


        1. Start your suggestions https://translate.apache.org/hi/aoo40/ right away. 

          After you subscribe to the list, send an email:

          To: l10n@openoffice.apache.org
          Subject: New Pootle Account
          Hello my name is ..... and .... 
          Please consider to provide me with an account, I state that my contributions are under the Apache 2 license and I will work on ......language?...... po files.

          The administration of the pootle server will contact you for username/password. Note: some glitches where reported by users using chrome browser, consider using another one.

  13. Hi I would like to help translate OO 4.0 into Ukrainian, but it seems like there's only 3.4 version at the moment available for Ukrainian. What steps do I need to take in order to add Ukrainian here - https://translate.apache.org/projects/aoo40/

    1. Hello Roman and welcome.Your request is processing, your language po files will be available soon, I will notify you. In the meanwhile, you could translate the release notes into your language. Why not? 

      I've made a ready to use copy so anyone can use it: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=33297803 right away!

      Take care,

      1. Hi Christos,

        Thx a lot for submitting the request and I will go ahead and start translating notes in Ukrainian.


  14. Hi, I would like to help translate Apache OO 4.0 into Bulgarian. However, as of today, only the 3.4 version is available at Pootle.

    Best regards

    1. Hello and Welcome Anton, your help is a need!

      Please see the https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OOOUSERS/I%27m+a+new+Volunteer%2C+I+want+to+help%21 I've already placed a request for your language addition to the pootle server, I will inform you as soon as possible.


    2. Anton, your Language is ready to work on: https://translate.apache.org/bg/aoo40/, take care. 

      1. Cool, thank you. I got my Pootle account and started with the translation.

        Best regards

  15. Hello guys, my name is Anh Phan and I am (might be) the member of Vietnamese Localization.
    My email is: ppanhh@gmail.com
    I hope that the maintainers of OO Translation will open a account at the pootle for me as soon as possible.
    I am waiting for the reply email about opening that account but, this comment just simply a "Hi guys"

    1. Hello Anh, 

      you're most welcome to help! Please see instructions one page up: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OOOUSERS/I%27m+a+new+Volunteer%2C+I+want+to+help%21

      Following the steps you can start...

      1. Thank, bro. can I have your email?
        Please send to me your email for further contact.

        1. As I see you are in a good step Anh. Wait for couple hours and if you want register and apply cc on the issue https://issues.apache.org/ooo/show_bug.cgi?id=123053, so when the files are ready you will be notified. 

          I'm a member on l10n@openoffice.apache.org, so the cooperation take place there. Of course you can always find me here. While waiting your po files on pootle why not start the 5th step?

          Take care,

  16. I have just sent an email to l10n@openoffice.apache.org to apply for Indonesian translator volunteers. But, the question is, how can I add my name to the list ?


    1. Welcome Denni,

      It is done :) While waiting for an account why not translate the release: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=33297828

      Also note that the new 4.0.1 release will come out in September and your language could make it, its only at 95%!!!

      Take care.

    2. I will set you up the right page to work on, you are working on the original one. Please wait a minute... 

      1. Denni,

        You could continue your work at:


        Please fill free to edit this page, not the original parent English page ;-)

        Take care.

        1. Hi .. ChriStef .. i am so Sorry for this, but thanks for giving me the appropriate link to edit it into Indonesian.

          1. Dont worry I will set your texts there... in 5mins you'll be ready to go :p

          2. Denni please save any changes to your edits, so I can help you with the changes.... save&close any open pages!

            1. Okay ChriStef .. I will do what you have just said .. Thanks.

  17. Okay ChriStef .. I will do what you have just said .. Thanks.

  18. By the reason of non-activity in localizing native language of Vietnamese, I have deleted the name of user "Trần Đình Ngọc Anh" on the Localization List for Vietnamese.

    Besides, I also want to ask about:
    1. Can I translate a localized version of this site - cwiki - into Vietnamese version?
    2. Assume that this suggestion is accepted. Will I have to remake all the screenshots in Vietnamese or keep the original screenshots?
    3. Besides answering to this comment, please send me back an email for further contact.

    1. I've placed into the list l10n about your requests. But I dont know if is a good idea to delete a name from a list... the follow up will continue there!

      1. I have seen your email about that issue on L10n Mailing List. And I have just replied to it.
        So, you have created the link for me such as the previous comment from Indonesian localization?
        Please give me that link.

  19. @ChrisStef: Please give me a link to activate the translation for cwiki page into Vietnamese.

    1. Sorry I thought you referred to all the cwiki page, here we advice to translate the release notes of 4.0.0. Is that you want to help?

      1. I asked about the cwiki.apache.org.
        Each page in here I saw they have different translation of each one.
        That's what I meant.
        But, the release notes for 4.0.0 is also important to translate.

      2. 1. Please give me the link to translate the release note of 4x
        2. Please give me the instrucstion and link to translate the whole Cwiki

        1. Anh first of all I want to advice you something that I see you're doing it a lot. Please before place another comment/request allow someone to help you first. Dont forget here we all help each other, but many times we might be offline or unavailable. I understand your enthusiasm but be patient my friend... ;-) On the other hand its a good think, your help is needed!

          1. You can start: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OOOUSERS/AOO+4.0+Release+Notes+(Vietnamese) on this child copy page.

          2. I dont think is available to translate the whole Cwiki!!!! You're really enthusiastic, well done. But the important is to finish your pootle work, how are you doing there? You have a dead line until 6-09-13 if you want to couch up the new release.

          Take care.

          1. Ok, I understood your concern, by that, I will restore the entry for username "Tran Dinh Thuc Anh" on this page.
            And I will write an email to the mailing list in which email you have sent to the L10n mailing list about this issues.

            1. Ok, I got the link from you.
            2. The deadline is Sep 6th, I got that information already in the mailing list for L10n.
            I promise and gurantee for the 100% in Vietnamese Localization.
            So why is there left unfinished status for my translation?
            Easily, the pootle server seems works fine with "single" po file. But it will get slower in the multiple po file feature when clicking on the link "unstranslated string".
            I dont know, the pootle server will improve their ability feature in speed for "multiple po file" or not, but, I am currently translating offline with some po file to push the progress more faster.
            3. Enthusiastic is a nice word to me, but I think that, my goal is not enthusiastic.
            As I have stated in the mailing list for L10n. The goal for me to join in the AOO is making a unification for both OpenOffice and Abiword.
            4. Besides, I also got problem in accessing the forum of AOO for Vietnamese Localization, the previous maintainers chose to perform it in a read-only mode by lacking of vietnamese maintainers and spam.
            But that's an another issues later Sep 6th.

            1. Yes Anh, I think this page list is more about organizing, give feedback to new volunteers and that someone could land here to just say that is state that he/she is available to help us. I should concern this and with others to state clear this and give us more instructions how and what propose is this page for, and make it clear by editing with more information here. What other committees have to say?

              Dont forget that the official list of volunteers could be found here:  https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OOOUSERS/Directory+of+Volunteers as you probably know we are opensource so anyone can edit.

              1. Ok

              2. So you have finished offline by 100% the po files? How you upload it or sent to the list? Pootle server reports 95% you are in a good state.

              3. unification???

              4. I think you've placed a request on the list, you might report a bug, follow up that mails.

              1. 2. I am currently translating, although the deadline is Sep 6th but I need to finish it in next week and give back the translation to the L10n then I will get a demo and testing for my translation.

                Good state is not enough, that's for the term of unification.

                3. What is about unification?
                I am fed up and tired of using the Vietnamese Localization because it contains many misunderstood term, created confusing emotion for users.
                Haruki Murakami has said about the thing when you are translating, that, when you do the translation, you are the second mother after the original biological mother.
                OO is a good, awesome program. But, in the hand of misunderstood term, being poor in displaying and interpreting, the Maya will come to that point and put a apocalypse with that confusion.

                I havent agreed much with the previous translation of OO.
                So, from now on, after this release on Sep 6th, 3 months later, till the Dec/Jan of 2014, another release would be pushed out, at the time, my goal for removing the confusion of Vietnamese Localization would be completed.

                Abiword will also be my goal along side with AOO.

                And I will have to do more with the documentation, taking screenshots, asking for giving me back the maintaining of AOO forums in Vietnamese,...

                I am going to set up a new forum named Vetati. At that forums, will contain over 250 projects, along with AOO, abiword, vlc, charka linux, xcfe.....

                yeah, more work to do.

                4. what request? what list? what bug? and follow what email?

                5 You should consider about making contact with me by private email.