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Current sysadmin team

  • jürgen
  • andrea
  • imacat
  • arist
  • jani

Current AOO vm systems:

  • ooo-wiki-vm2.a.o (,
  • ooo-forums-vm.a.o (
  • translate-vm2.a.o

VM Services OS

  • all: ubuntu 12.04 (standardized by jani).

Application knowledge required to each service

For all systems:
  • ubuntu, especially apt-get, apparmor
  • httpd, local installation as defined in ASF
  • php, generic installation
  • puppet, config as defined in ASF
  • sshd, config as defined in ASF
  • svn, usage depend on the single server, but in general all static changes
    are defined here
  • apbackup, as used by ASF
  • memcached
  • mysql
  • /root/bin, helper scripts
  • security applications, as defined in ASF (details are on purpose not
    given to a public list).
For ooo-wiki:
  • wikimedia
  • ATS
For ooo-forums
  • php2bb (remark multiforum setup with links)
For translate
  • pootle
  • django

Alert notification

Nagios and circonus standard setup. Detected alerts goes to #asfinfra,
infra-team and vm-team.

General skills depending on admin level (admin = primary admin, help-admin = secondary admin)

  • help-admin: how to restart/reboot system
  • admin: would locate problem, try to fix it
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