Customer requests to Unipro support service can be classified in order of quantitative decrease:

  1.  Installation of OM on the customer's server (own or leased) is the most common service. All the way, it concerns mainly cloud-based servers. Usually it is accompanied by a simple re-branding, which includes the replacement of the logo and the OM header with those of the client company. This type amounted to ~ 60% of the total number of orders several years ago. To date the installation process is already so simplistic that commercial support is almost not required. For the last 3 years there have been no new requests for installation. At the same time 25 orders on customization and integration were done.
  2. Integration with customer web sites is the second popular form of services. We support the plug-ins to most widely used content management systems (Joomla, Moodle, WordPress, Bitrix and others). But for the latest versions of OpenMeetings, only Moodle plug-in is posted in open access, all other actual plug-ins are commercial. There have been several orders for integration with sites written in php without CMS, and it was also a successful use case of integrating OM with PayPal. This type has amounted to ~ 20% per cent of all services.
  3. Customization is stable type of requests. Any changes of user interface required by a customer are possible. As a minimum, customers ask to attach their brand, additionally, to change elements, styles and colors. There are clients who need a complete change of the virtual room interface and some new functional features, thereafter their users then do not guess that the basis of the new branded service is OM.
  4. Technical Support comprises updates of system software and OpenMeetings, monitoring OM activities and support of the whole OM server workability. Lately it has become more popular and now approach 40% of commercial services.
  5. SIP-integration with IP-telephony servers is also active (usually with Asterisk).
  6. Moderation - was in demand in individual projects a few years ago. For web meetings with more than 20 people participating with full features, it is worthwhile to involve technically experienced OM moderator.
  7. OM cluster implementation was done first for a specific customer, who needed more meetings than one server at a time allows. As a result, it was realized by scaling on several servers, which drastically increased the total capacity of the system.  Later we’ve significantly improved this and for now there are several projects which used cluster for their conferences.
  8. Hosting of virtual rooms - we can create a new room for a needy client on our company servers. Usually this room is integrated with the client's site.

One can observe a full list of companies providing the commercial support  

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