This documentation will explain how to build roller 5 in IntelliJ IDEA 10.x (It should work same for 9.x)

Importing Source code to Intellij IDEA (using command line).You can use the full features of subversion integrated plguin in the IDE after importing the project without additional modifications.)

check out the source code from SVN repository.
   svn co roller_trunk 
Creat IDE related project files (navigate inside the trunk).
   mvn idea:idea
Click file -->open project

Creating run configuration for maven goals and Build the project.

After importing the project click on the run ---> edit configuration. After that click on the + tab appear on the left top corner and select

We are going to create a maven goal to build the project.Complete the following fields,

Name : suitable name to recognize the run configuration
working Directory : give the root folder of the checked out source (should have the pom.xml that we are going to execute in this path)
goals : clean install

And then click on run and make sure you have selected the correct run configuration.(which appears left to green arrow head)

If it is successful you see a dialog like below.

Run Test webapp using Jetty Maven plugin

Create another run configuration as above.In this change the following parameters

Name :Suitable name to identify the Configuration
working Directory : ROLLER_ROOT/webloagger-webapp
goal : jetty:run

Then select the configuration and run using the green arrow head.

Test Apache roller on http://localhost:8080/roller

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