How to ask for help

Feel free to use the mailing lists, and don't be shy, but please do use the right list. See the descriptions below to determine the appropriate one.

Also, check the Roller FAQ, particularly the InstallationFAQs if you have an installation/troubleshooting issue.

For messages on either list, if you are seeking help in troubleshooting a problem that you are experiencing, please be sure to include the following information (with version numbers) when possible:

  • What version of Roller are you using? If you are building from sources, on which branch are you building?
  • What Application Server version are you using?
  • What database are you using?
  • What Java version are you using?
  • What operating system are you using?
  • If applicable, what browser are you using?

Roller User mailing list

This mailing list is for questions, answers, and input about Roller installation, usage, configuration, and minor customization (for example, at the theme level).

Roller Development mailing list

This mailing list is for messages about Roller development and is used by the Roller development team for communication. As a rule of thumb, you will want to send to this list only if you are using sources from a development branch and have questions or input about developing, extending, or customizing Roller at the source level.

Roller Commits mailing list

This read-only mailing list is for following source code changes made by the Roller development team. The email messages are automatically sent whenever there is a source code update. Comments on changes made should be sent to the Roller Development or User list.

Other sources of information

Apache Roller is also on Twitter.

Roller has an Slack chatroom, #roller, located at

Note: To chat with users and developers of Apache Roller. Please create a Slack account using this invite link and join the #roller channel. Please do not ask Roller questions in the #general channel.

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