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Apache XML Security for Java Interoperability

Interoperability issues

As it can be seen on the working group homepage, there are some interoperability reports, namely for Canonical XML , Exclusive Canonical XML and XML Signature.

Interoperability depends heavily on test vectors, this means that implementation A has to check whether the signatures from implementation B can be verified. For this purpose, we have a collection of different test vectors in our data/ directory. The directory includes test vectors from

  • Baltimore KeyTools XML
  • RSA Security Cert-J
  • The vectors from the IBM alphaWorks XML Security suite could not been included in this distribution because of licensing issues. For some reasons which I do not understand, they copyrighted their test signatures which they have bundled with xss4j. If you want to include interop testing against IBM in your unit tests, simply do the following: Download xss4j-20030127.zip from the alphaWorks download page. Copy all files from the xss4j-20030127.zip#/xss4j/data directory into the xml-security/data/com/ibm/xss4j-20030127/ directory. If the Interop class finds these files, the org.apache.xml.security.test.interop.IBMTest class is also executed during unit interop tests.
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