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Apache Spatial Information System (SIS) is a top level project at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The goals of the project are to provide software allowing users to easily read, convert between, visualize and analyze spatial data. The software provide APIs, services, and spatial data structures of use to the broader community.

This wiki is used as a whiteboards for work under progress or experimental features. It can also be used as a place where to answer some questions (until we find a more permanent place in the main web site) or provide temporary workarounds for known bugs. This wiki does not cover the most stable modules. For more documentation on Apache SIS, see the project home page at


Web application
OODT File Manager to SIS Connection Demo
Solr to SIS Connection Demo


JIRA Bug Tracker
SIS-Commit List Archives
SIS-Developers List Archives

Work in progress

Roadmap - plan about future SIS releases.


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