WS-Notification HTTP Binding

This example demonstrates how to actually expose the WS-Notification Service Engine over SOAP/HTTP.
You will find an example scenario that you can use to understand how it works.

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You can download the following files:

  • a simple html client page (which is a work in progress) that you can use to send requests: download
  • a SOAP UI containing a test suite showing how to use WS-Notification: download

External WSN client communicating over SOAP: URL format

When formatting URLs to Web Services inside WSN messages (e.g. when subscribing to a broker) use guidelines provided below.

The rules:

To sum up: http://localhost:11111/wsn/NotificationConsumer?http.soap=true&http.soapVersion=1.1 is the only solution when communication over SOAP is required. Other options cause SM to throw an exception while parsing the address or while trying to access address that does not exist (404), or make the XFire generate a fault (no SOAP envelope present).

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