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Fixing Errors

See also FrequentlyAskedQuestions.

  • Compiling & installing:
  • It doesn't run:
    • I get coredumps from 'spamd': SpamdCoredumps
    • After running sa-compile, I get warnings like 'symbol Mail_SpamAssassin_CompiledRegexps_body_0_scan17: referenced symbol not found': SaCompileRefSymbolError
    • I get warnings about "tainting" when I run spamassassin from /etc/procmailrc: ProcmailTaintWarning
    • On startup spamd dies with the error "IO::Socket::INET: Invalid argument": IoSocketInetInvalidArgument; or the message "Required module Storable not found!": StorableNotFound
    • I get warnings in the syslog from spamd about 'Bad arg length for Socket::pack_sockaddr_in, length is 0, should be 4': Ipv6Resolver
    • When I run 'spamassassin --lint', I see messages about '

       Net::Ident::_export_hooks() called too early to check prototype

      ': NetIdentPrototype

  • Warning messages in the system log:
    • I get warnings in the syslog from spamd like prefork: server reached --max-clients setting, consider raising it, but I can't find a --max-clients setting: MaxClientsWarning
    • I get warnings in the syslog from spamd about 'Can't call method "bgsend" on an undefined value': CantCallMethodBgsend
    • I see lots of warnings like ... matches null string many times in regex ... at ... Text/ TextWrapError
  • Undefined dependency errors:
    • I get warnings that look like this dbg: rules: meta test XXX_SOME_NAME_XXX has undefined dependency 'XXX_SOME_THING_XXX':
      • Self:SareUndefinedDependency related errors
      • Self:PyzorUndefinedDependency related errors
  • Performance & memory:
  • Filtering and labeling:
    • When I use "-t", it tells me my mail is spam, even when it's not: AlwaysSpamWithTswitch
    • Mail is being filtered for users listed in 'all_spam_to': AllSpamToFiltering
    • Spam to someone in 'all_spam_to' is also being delivered to other users, without filtering: AllSpamToNoFiltering
    • The subject and body of a message are correctly marked as spam, but the X-Spam-Status header says No: BogusSpamStatusHeader
    • A mail has enough points to be spam, but isn't marked as such: RoundingIssues
    • Spam messages are getting through, how do I determine which tests need to have their scores adjusted to match the messages? AdjustRuleScore
    • I'm seeing the rule ALL_TRUSTED giving spam negative points. What should I do?: FixingAllTrusted
    • I'm using OpenDNS and seeing SURBL or URIBL rules firing on non-spam: OpenDnsAndUribls
  • Customizing (or failure to customize):
  • Other problems:
  • Old errors, no longer frequently-asked: