The SpamAssassin ASF Zone

Here's a list of the stuff we have running on the SpamAssassin zones and

PreflightBuildBot: continuous integration daemon, running at . It uses Python and the Twisted framework, which is installed in /local. It tests our rulesets against a small corpus of mail on every SVN checkin.

RuleQaApp: web application aimed at QA'ing and developing rules (

Corpus-rsync:, an rsync server with several authenticated accounts for upload of nightly MassChecks results and those for the periodic rescoring run.

Mass-check tag cron job: cron to tag the SVN tree for the nightly MassChecks.

Nightly mass-checks of UploadedCorpora.

SaUpdateBackend: cron tasks to analyze the Corpus-rsync log files and UploadedCorpora mass-checks, use those to select rules to publish in the next day's RuleUpdates, then publish those packages.

Named: serving the subzone , which contains DNS records used in the SpamAssassin test suite's "dnsbl.t"; "hidden master" for the zone, used to serve the TXT records.

Httpd: provides public read-only access to the nightly MassChecks' log files; serves pre-packaged tarballs for the nightly MassChecks; access to the RuleQaApp; the master server for rule updates, which the mirrors serve to the public.

We also have a selection of locally-installed binaries in /local. Mostly, this is custom perl builds – /local/perl561 , /local/perl586 , and the Twisted framework for Python. Also GD, for the RuleQaApp's graphs.

notes on using/adminning the zone are at InfraNotes.

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