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Where can I find out about how to integrate SpamAssassin with my Mail Transfer Agent?: IntegratedInMta

How do I integrate SpamAssassin into a sitewide procmail implementation: See the documentation.

I want to run SpamAssassin for my large site. What specification of mail server do I need?: SitewideServerSpec

I posted a query about integrating SpamAssassin with (some mail delivery system), but nobody answered. Should I ask again?: AskingAboutIntegrations

Things to note when running SpamAssassin on a site-wide basis: SiteWideGeneralNotes

I want to get Bayesian filtering and/or Razor working site-wide: SiteWideBayesSetup RazorSiteWide

I'd like to be able to quarantine spam instead of delivering it: SpamQuarantine

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