The following subsections provide details information about the Stratos 4.1.x release.

What's new in this release

Apache Stratos version 4.1.x is the successor of version 4.0.0. It contains several enhancements:

  • Docker support using Google Kubernetes and CoreOS.
  • Composite application support. The following are the main terminologies that has been introduced with composite application support:
    • Applications
    • Cartridge groups
    • Application deployment policies
    • Dependent scaling
    • Group scaling
    • Startup order
    • Termination behavior
    • Metadata service
  • Auto-scaling Docker Containers.
  • Manual scaling Docker Containers.
  • Git based artifact deployment for Docker. 
  • CLI support for Docker deployments.
  • Python Cartridge Agent
  • Private Docker registry.
  • Support for updating artifacts at runtime.
  • MQTT support (removal of JNDI).
  • Java2WSDL plugin
  • Stratos Mock IaaS.

Removed Features

  • Cartridge subscription and unsubscription
    Application deployment has replaced the cartridge subscription feature with added functions. Users are now able to define applications with its required service runtimes, deployment and auto-scaling policies, artifact repositories and all dependencies in a simple, structured JSON file that Stratos can understand and provision all the required runtimes in a defined manner.  Likewise when an application is undeployed, users will be automatically unsubscribed from the respective application.
  • Partition deployment and undeployment
    We now define the partitions within a network partition
  • Multi-tenant service cluster deployment and undeployment
    Application deployment has made multi-tenant service cluster deployment obsolete. When an application is deployed, users will be automatically subscribed to an application and when an application is undeployed users will be unsubscribed from the application.

Test Coverage

To see all the aspects that have been tested for the Strato 4.1.x release.

Fixed and known issues

To view the fixed and known issues for Apache Stratos, go to the Apache Stratos JIRA.

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