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Blog from March, 2011

As noted on Manning's MEAP blog, Tapestry 5 In Action is the top book in the MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) list for the week ending March 31st, 2011:

  • Tapestry 5 in Action
  • Spring in Action, Third Edition
  • Scala in Action
  • Scala in Depth
  • Liferay in Action
  • Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja
  • Mahout in Action
  • Activiti in Action
  • Clojure in Action
  • Groovy in Action, Second Edition

That really reflects some pent-up demand, and I hope to see that level of interest continue.

Tapestry Kudos

A very happy Tapestry user, Adam Zimowski, recently posted to the Tapestry users mailing list a short description of his progress with a major Tapestry application:

Today I'm more in love with Tapestry 5 than ever before. I had a milestone demo at work which went well, and could actually show a good portion of a re-written website running and working! I'm at the heights of my project development. I'm sure there are still few more dark evenings loaded with frustration in store for my future, but I'm going to enjoy today...

From my daily work with T5 over past few months I can say with confidence it is a love-hate relationship. I get frustrated trying to get over the learning curve when things don't work. I don't enjoy stepping into the framework's guts unless I absolutely have to... But then... when I finally get things to work, it's like EVERY TIME the code is so elegant and gorgeous, it just makes me love Tapestry that much more. It's an amazing feeling, one I haven't had in many years as a Java developer.

And we love our new Spring-less world of Tapestry! We love that Tapesty IoC allows us to painlessly inject remote EJB proxies (smile) LOVE IT !!! Our app layer is as light as it can be. We literally run only on:

  • Tapestry
  • Apache commons-lang
  • And, of course, our EJB client libraries

In practice, we are able to concurrently run two completely different teams: Tapestry Devs and EJB/Hibernate devs. Both are experts within their own domain, no stepping on each other's toes (smile) Sure, this could be done with any framework, it's just that Tapestry makes it so darn easy and most importantly F-U-N (smile)

Thank you for this great framework!


You're welcome ... and lets hope the recent efforts on the Tapestry documentation, as well as Igor's new book, will help with those frustrations.

As expected, Tapestry 5.2.5 has been voted up as the latest stable version for Tapestry 5.2; we can now recommend that all users upgrade from 5.2.4 to 5.2.5.

The main fix in this release is TAP5-1208, which fixes the issue with null values of mutable fields of components, when debugging applications. This bug has been introduced in 5.2.4 with the deprecation of page pooling. The official release notes can be found here.

Tapestry 5.2.5 can be downloaded in either binary or source format. The release is also available via Maven:


I'm pleased to announce that the long awaited Tapestry 5 in Action book is available through MEAP now. Order the book here and start reading today.

Tapestry 5 in Action is a comprehensive guide that introduces Apache Tapestry and its approach to building modern web applications. The book walks you through Tapestry 5, from a simple Hello World application to rich Ajax-enabled applications. Written by a core committer, it provides deep insight into the architecture of Tapestry 5.