This is a bug fix release, mainly meant to address compatibility with Java 8. The ASM library is updated to a Java 8 compatible version (5.0), however, if you wish to run this release on JRE 8, you still need to manually specify a Java 8 compatible version of javassist (such as 3.18.2-GA). With Maven you'd include:

pom.xml (partial)

Javassist has changed their group coordinates (from javassist to org.javassist), which further complicates the situation. You'll also have to manually exclude javassist:javassist dependency (if your dependencies are resolved automatically). With Maven, you'd add:

pom.xml (partial)

where needed.

As with any Tapestry upgrade, be sure to change your application's version number.


Bugs fixed

  • [TAP5-311] - NPE in BeanDisplay if used in a form with a default model
  • [TAP5-983] - CLONE -NPE in BeanDisplay if used in a form with a default model
  • [TAP5-1865] - Chinese valication message issue
  • [TAP5-2270] - BeanDisplay exception when used inside a Form
  • [TAP5-2298] - "Any" component lacks any useful documentation
  • [TAP5-2321] - Tapestry 5.3.7 does not run with Java 8

Dependency upgrade

  • [TAP5-2295] - Vulnerability in Tapestry-upload module due to commons-file-upload

Improvements made

  • [TAP5-1718] - Tapestry-beanvalidator isn't validating nested DTO objects / Doesn't mark the invalid fields in the UI
  • [TAP5-2157] - Czech translations

New Features added

  • [TAP5-2305] - Create a @Sortable annotation for properties

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