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The built-in Dashboard page are visible in my production application and I don't want them to be, what can I do?

First off all, don't panic: the Development Dashboard page is marked with the @WhitelistAccessOnly annotation, which makes it invisible to clients that are not on the whitelist. Try accessing the page from a different workstation and you may find that the pages are not visible after all.

Sometimes, in production, a firewall or proxy may make it look like the client web browser originates from localhost; in that situation, you may want to disable the logic that puts localhost onto the whitelist. This determination is made by the contributions to the ClientWhitelist service. Tapestry makes a contribution with id "LocalhostOnly", which one of your modules can override:

  public static void turnOffLocalhostInProduction(OrderedConfiguration<WhitelistAnalyzer> configuration, 
                                                 @Symbol(SymbolConstants.PRODUCTION_MODE) boolean productionMode) {
    if (productionMode) { configuration.override("LocalhostOnly", null); }