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This page gives an overview of how to contribute changes to Apache Trafodion.  You can contribute by updating software, changing documentation and maintaining the wiki pages.

To contribute to the wiki, see Contribute to the Wiki


Thanks for your interest in contributing. Feel free to ask clarifying questions on the dev<at>trafodion.apache.org mail list.

The Trafodion project is a top-level Apache project since December 20th, 2017. 

Documentation Guidelines

<TBD - placeholder - the documentation logistics are still being worked out>

Coding Guidelines

The Trafodion code follows a set of Coding Guidelines. You should review these before making code changes.


The Contributor Workflow - Code/Docs describes the contributor work flow.


We are always looking for new committers.  If you are a committer please see the instructions in Committer Workflow.


While unit testing your code, you may find you need to debug it. For some debugging tips, see Debugging Tips.

Test Suites

There are test suites for each Trafodion repository. For details, see the Test Suites.


Problems can occur while building and running Trafodion, see Troubleshooting for Trafodion Developers for some hints.

Bug Tracking

We use Apache JIRA for tracking bugs in Trafodion. For details, see tracking bugs.

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  1. The Workflow section link should point to Contributor Workflow rather than Committer Workflow. Though the role of committers needs to be mentioned here somewhere (possibly in the Contributor Workflow page).

  2. The content of this page is being moved to the Trafodion web site. Please don't update.