When a proposed code change needs additional testing beyond the standard Check tests.


The daily testing runs a lot more test jobs than the basic tests run for every pull-request. This process allows a way to run additional tests on demand.

This does not currently allow running tests on an arbitrary forked-repo/branch. It expects that the changes are already in a pull-request in the main apache/incubator-trafodion repo.


Rather than require yet another account, the jenkins server authenticates using GitHub. It allows log in (button in upper right corner) to any github user. The first time you try to login, Jenkins will request GitHub authentication. GitHub will prompt you to authorize the Traf-Jenkins server to "access" your account. If you ever want to revoke that authorization, then visit your GitHub Application Settings.

Since jenkins emails results, you may want to set your default email address in your jenkins account settings.

Running a job is restricted to those users that are part of the trafodion-contributor github group. Anyone in that group can run additional tests for any recent pull-request. If you are not in the group, ask someone who is to run the tests.

Please Use Sparingly

We have a limited amount of resources, so please only run what is needed. Unlike the Check and Daily tests, these tests are designed to use fewer machines and leave resources open for other test requests. Depending on the tests selected, they may run for many hours. For instance, all the selected SQL suites run sequentially on a single instance, rather than running in parallel across multiple instances.


You may certainly visit the Requested-Test job page to check on tests in progress. The results will be emailed when all tests are completed. They are not posted to GitHub pull-request. You may want to post them there or to JIRA.


Request Tests: https://jenkins.esgyn.com/job/Requested-Test/build

EMAIL: If you have set your default email address, as mentioned above, then the default value "$BUILD_USER_EMAIL" is fine. You can add other addresses with a comma-separated list.

PULL_NUM: The number of the pull-request to test.

BRANCH: Should be "master" unless the pull-request is submitting a fix to a stable branch.

DISTRO: Type of test machine to run on. (If you want to run on both, you need to submit two jobs.)

Types of Tests:

sql - requires list of suites (sql_tests)



phoenix - requires choice of T4 or T2 driver (Phx_Driver)

Hit the "Build" button to launch.

You should see your job show up in the Build History list. You can abort the job with the small red x next to the job or progress bar.

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