These are the highlights of new features or additions to existing features in 6.0.0. For the complete list of all changes see this JIRA Release Notes.


New Features


HTTP/2 in this release is stable. Not everything from the H2 specifications is supported. In particular

  • Priorities
  • Server PUSH
  • HTTP/2 over non-TLS

are not supported. In addition, HTTP/2 is only supported on the client side, outbound HTTP/2 is not supported yet (i.e. we only support proxying H2 to an HTTP/1.1 backend server (origin)). For some details on the implementation, see the TS-2729 Jira.

The following records.config settings are needed to enable HTTP/2 on trafficserver in 5.3.x:

CONFIG proxy.config.http2.enabled INT 1

Additionally, there should be at least one TLS port configured in proxy.config.http.server_ports.

For example,

CONFIG proxy.config.http.server_ports STRING 80 443:ssl

Logging Additions

  • Application protocol (HTTP/2, HTTP/1, SPDY/3.1), with %<cqpv>.
  • Milestones/state times of a transactions to get a better understanding of where time for responses is spent.
  • SSL session hit or miss
  • Connection reuse or new connection for the request
  • Pre-configured log formats removed in favor of logs_xml.config

Wiretracing TLS

  • Ability to wire trace and log TLS connections.  See "New Configuration Options" below.


  • Added support for PCRE Jit for regex_map.  Automatically used when compiled on a system that supports it.  There is a speed improvement over normal PCRE matching.


Deprecated Features

  • Removed support for RHEL5
  • Removed predefined log formats and reproduced in default logs_xml.config

Future Deprecated Features

  • traffic_line command line program will be removed in the 7.0.0 release and is replaced by the command line program traffic_ctl
  • SPDY support will be removed in the 7.0.0 release and is replaced by only supporting HTTP/2

New Configuration Options

  • proxy.config.cop.init_sleep_time

  • proxy.config.http.websocket.max_number_of_connections
  • proxy.config.http.max_post_size
  • proxy.config.http.cache.generation
  • proxy.config.http.cache.open_write_fail_action
  • proxy.config.cache.read_while_writer.max_retries
  • proxy.config.cache.read_while_writer_retry.delay
  • proxy.config.log.periodic_tasks_interval
  • proxy.config.ssl.handshake_timeout_in
  • proxy.config.ssl.wire_trace_enabled
  • proxy.config.ssl.wire_trace_addrproxy.config.ssl.wire_trace_percentage
  • proxy.config.ssl.wire_trace_server_name
  • proxy.config.http2.accept_no_activity_timeout
  • proxy.config.http2.no_activity_timeout_in
  • proxy.config.allocator.hugepages

New Metrics

  • HTTP/2 Metrics
    • proxy.process.http2.total_client_streams
    • proxy.process.http2.total_transactions_time
    • proxy.process.http2.total_client_connections
    • proxy.process.http2.connection_errors
    • proxy.process.http2.stream_errors
    • proxy.process.http2.current_client_sessions

    • proxy.process.http2.current_client_streams

New Plugins (in experimental)

  • stream_editor - Plugins for modifying the content of a response using a string or regular expression substitution
  • mp4 - Allows for starting at the offset of a mp4 video stream
  • cache_promote - Give better granularity on when an object is allowed to be written into the cache.


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