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past events

May 11, 2008 - PyCon Italia Due
Giorgio Zoppi presents Python e Service Component Architecture covering Python in SCA

April 27, 2008 - Tuscany Java SCA 1.2 released!

April 15, 2008 - Tuscany Java SDO 1.1 released!

Feb 05, 2008 - Tuscany Java SCA 1.1 released!

Nov 12-13, 2007 - SOAWorld Conference & Expo 2007 West
Raymond Feng presents Practical SOA with Apache Tuscany

Oct 06, 2007 - Tuscany DAS Beta2 released!

Sept 24, 2007 - Tuscany Java SCA 1.0 released!

Sept 12-13, 2007 - Java Zone, Europe
Simon Laws SCA and Tuscany

Nov 12-16 2007 - ApacheCon US, Atlanta, Georgia in US
Jean Sebastien Delfino and Mario Antollini will hold a 3 hours tutorial session for SCA and Tuscany

July 23-27 2007 - OSCON, Portland, Oregon
Patrick Leonard, VP Product Development, Rogue Wave Software will host a BoF around "The Current State of the Tuscany Project and Future Direction for Java, C++ and Other Supported Programming Languages"

June 25-27 2007 - SOA World, New York
Simon Laws will be presenting 'Building SOA applications using Apache Tuscany' and 'PHP SCA @ Your Service'.

June 11-14 2007 - ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2007 Conference, Beijing, China
Raymond Feng will be presenting. Presentation co-authored by Luciano Resende.

June 21-22 2007 - 2007 Open Source China Open Source World Summit, GuangZhou, China
Raymond Feng will be presenting.

May 8-11 2007 - JavaOne, San Francisco

A BOF on SCA will be presented entitled "Building Composite Services Applications". Many of Tuscany community members will also be attending JavaOne.

May 16-18, 2007 - PHP Tek, Chicago, Ill.
Caroline Maynard, Tuscany user through PHP project will present 'Services Made Simple with PHP' on May 16th, tack 2.

March 21-23 2007 - Serverside Symposium, Las Vegas
Tuscany Committers Jeremy Boynes, Meeraj Kunnumpurath, and Jim Marino will be presenting at the Las Vegas Serverside Symposium on the Java SCA project. For information, see http://javasymposium.techtarget.com/lasvegas/index.html

December 11-15 2006 - JavaPolis 2006 - Belgium
Tuscany Committer Andy Borley presented "Apache Tuscany - Not The Same Old Architecture". See the presentation here

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