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What is Service Data Object?

SOA creates an environment where different types of data must work together. This makes application development complex. Service Data Object(SDO), provides a very simple programming model that addresses this issue. The key high level advantages of SDO are:

  • Uniform access to data from heterogeneous sources which could be XML, RDB, POJO, SOAP, etc.
  • SDO provides both a static (or strongly typed) programming model and a dynamic (or loosely typed) programming model. This provides a simple programming model without sacrificing the dynamic model needed by tools and frameworks.
  • Provides Meta-data for easy introspection of data types
  • Supports a disconnected model, whereby data can be retrieved from a data source via Data Access Service. The data can be modified by a client with change tracking, and applied back to the data source.
  • SDO programming model is language neutral

Tuscany implements SDO in Java and in C++. A PHP version of SDO is also available.

SDO specification can be found at the Open Service Oriented Architecture website.

Learn more about SDO

  • Varous white papers and presentations about SDO can be found on www.osoa.org SDO resoruces page.
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