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Some articles from around the net that talk about SCA/SDO and Tuscany. Candidates for the Resources section of the Overview page on the web site. - Current home of the SCA/SDO Specs
Open OASIS Service Component Architecture - Interesting SCA resources - Interesting SDO resources

Real SOA - Web services and Service Oriented Architecture
What is SCA
What is SDO
Building SOA with Tuscany SCA

Holy grail of services: SCA
Taking your first steps with SCA
What can Service Data Objects do for your SOA system
Implementing Platform Independent Data With SDO

Henning Blohm - Setting Out for SCA
David Chappel's Introducing SCA

Feathercast Issue 35 ( talks about Apache Tuscany

What is SCA


Build mashups with the Service Component Architecture and Apache Tuscany - Andrew Borley
Using the Eclipse SOA Tools Platform plug-in and Apache Tuscany - Tyler Anderson
Service Component Architecture (SCA) lets you invoke components from different technologies - Dan Becker