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// Collect and fuse includes;

  • Clone all of the included composites into the including composite

// Expand nested composites;

  • Clone all composite implementations in case they are referred to more than once

// Configure all components;

  • Configure components
    • Process nested composites recursively
      • Set component URI
      • Initialize composite service bindings
      • Initialize composite reference bindings
      • Initialize component services and references
        • Connect services to component type service or create new services
        • Connect reference to component type reference or create new references
        • Connect properties to their properties
        • Create callback services on references
        • Create callback references on services
        • Initialize service bindings
        • Initialize reference bindings
  • Configure sourced properties
    • Resolve properties
  • ConfigureBindingURIs
    • Create the URIs for all service bindings

// Connect composite services and references to component service and references;

  • Process nested composites recursively
    • Connect composite services to the component services they promote
    • Connect composite references to the component references they promote

// Compute the polices across the composite/component hierarchy;

  • Compute polices for all artifacts in the model based on intents, policy sets and applicable policy sets.

// Wire the components;

  • Create targets based on the wires in the model

// Wire the composite references;

  • Create endpoints based on targets and explicit binding uris

// Configure composite services;

  • Process nested composites recursively
    • For a component services whose type is composite service create a $promoted$ service on the promoted component
    • Repeat for the top level composite services.
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