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Java SCA Roadmap

About This Page

This page contains a list of features that our community thinks is important to include in Tuscany Java SCA.

Items can be linked to a more detailed Roadmap page as they are being worked on.

Please help to make this a live document. Thanks
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Programming Model

  • Update the policy model to separate it from the assembly model
  • Extend the runtime wires to allow the binding to contribute wireFormat and operationSelection interceptors
    • Endpoint implementation needs fixing up to take account of this
  • Roll endpoint implementation out to services
    • Can it replace $promoted$?
  • Support rpc/literal wsdl
  • Support for transaction and reliability policies
    • Several users have asked for it, and there's now a public draft of the transaction policy spec
  • Further improve SCA policy support. Good support for things like WS-Security and WS-RM and show using Java/JMS/WS etc and all the QOS stuff really is as easy as just saying something like requires="reliability"

Implementation Types

  • Get implementation.bpel more spec complete
  • Webapp and EJB module integration
    • Track the OASIS work on this and implement it in parallel in Tuscany. Many users have existing J2EE EJB and EAR modules that they'll need to integrate in bigger SCA compositions. Also Webapp developers will need a non-intrusive way to wire a Webapp with other SCA components in an SCA domain.
  • Better integration btw script components and bindings and data bindings to show the dynamic language support really does have value - seamlessly wire up Ruby components using Hpricot for HTML processing with binding.http, JavaScript/E4X for XML manipulation with etc
  • Interoperability: Improve using sca wdsl with X language
    (replace X with
    java, Python, C++, ecc)
  • implemenation.xslt

Integration with other technologies

  • Get the Geronimo integration and WAR distribution working really well and with all Tuscany extensions so you can take a Tuscany sample contribution jar and it easily runs where ever you deploy it.
  • ESB connectivity, e.g. Mule, Synapse, Servicemix


  • Finish off web2.0 support
  • Incremental improvements
    • MTOM
    • headers
    • REST/POX
  • clean up the WS and tooling code so we don't copy so much Axis2 code as it causes such a headache when moving up Axis2 releases and picking up Axis2 fixes
  • Conversational and non blocking + callback programming model over Web2.0 bindings
    • Seems like a good fit with JSON for example... in particular Ajax interactions fit really well with the SCA non blocking + callback programming model.
  • More bindings suggestions on this roadmap page.


  • Improve Website documentation. There's still lots of detail and improvements we could add to the documentation and its really important to attract users
  • Documentation that matches releases. Right now there is only one documentation, the latest.
  • Distribution improvements - conclude the ML discussion from a while back on the size and ease of use.
    • Think about profiles for Tuscany SCA use.
  • Improve the error reporting/handling for our data binding framework.
  • Management
    • Link domain/node into established management solution. New modules required management, management-wsdm, management-jmx, etc.
  • Resolve JIRAs.


  • Make releasing easier
  • Add some sort of mediation capability
  • Data Integration, as I see SCA of great help to simplify exposing data as services to a client application in a simple and flexible way.
  • Support SDO namespace when using websservice.
    • Deploy a service to webservice,a schema file used in SDO and have sdo namespace such as commonj.sdo/java or commonj.sdo/xml,we should support the feature when parsing the wsdl.
  • Look into what level of integration with php SCA implementation can be achieved