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Next Java SCA Release Contents

This page outlines the features being planned for the next Java SCA release.

The next release (0.9x?) is targeted for (August?) 2007, this follows on from the 0.91 release in July.

Working on

  • Improvements to the Web services support / Axis2 binding (very rough list, more desired than actually working on yet)
    • work without pre-existing wsdl doc
    • support attachments
    • support accessing/setting SOAP headers
    • WS-RM and WS-Security
    • support WSA EPR in <>
    • async
    • conversational
    • Fix open jira's about ?wsdl and endpoint url
    • support setting some optional stuff like Axis2 handlers, chunking, soap version etc
    • Axis2 rest style / pox over http support
    • Sort out our WSDL tooling story - get SDO integrated into Axis2?
    • support WSDL 2.0
    • MTOM
  • Policy Framework Implementation (Venkat)
    • (I'll fill up the specifics soon)
  • Distributed Domain support
    • SCA Binding
    • Topology model
    • Distributed domain
    • Node implementation
    • Management assembly (can be used for other management tasks also)
    • Also some of the ws items are needed here, in particular the ability to run without wsdl.
  • Logging, error handling and events
    • To improve the usability of the runtime we need a proper story on logging and error handling. This has been discussed previously on the list but not yet actioned. The management assembly has a role to play here.
  • JMS Binding
    • I'd like to see the JMS binding in the release but can't commit to doing lots more work on including spec features. It's been working fine for me in my limited synchronous/rpc scenario. If anyone else fancies having a go at this then it's a good way to learn about Tuscany extensions.
  • Callbacks and Async
    • Get callbacks and async working properly across the Web Service and SCA bindings.
  • Samples cleanup
    • Complete the samples cleanup by getting the patch to TUSCANY-1356 applied.
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