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  • Tuscany Geronimo Integration Next Steps
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Tuscany Geronimo Integration Next Steps

Provide a deep integration with Geronimo. Package Tuscany as a plugin (as a SCA container) for Geronimo to support SCA as a first-class programming model and deployment capability. Leverage the built-in components such as Tomcat/Jetty for HTTP, Axis2 for Web Service, ActiveMQ for JMS and OpenEJB for EJB from Geronimo to support Tuscany/SCA binding types. Use the QoS services such as Transaction or Security to implement SCA intents/policies. Provide integration of JEE and SCA so that SCA applications can talk to JEE artifacts and JEE artifacts can participate in the SCA assembly.

  • Develop a Tuscany plugin for Geronimo as the container to run SCA composites
    • Tuscany has developed a generic SCA domain application to manage the contrbutions and deployable composites. Most of his work can be reused for the deployment of SCA applications with the Tuscany/Geronimo plugin.
    • The Geronimo adminconsole extension for Tuscany
    • The Tuscany plugin will receive the deployment plan from the SCA domain application or a local file which contain the deployment composite and the URLs of required contributions. The plugin will load and start the deployable composite in a SCA Node. The Geronimo-style deployment is not a must-have and can be deferred.
  • Integrate Tuscany plugin interact with other containers in the Geronimo such as Axis2, Tomcat, OpenEJB, ActiveMQ to support SCA bindings.
    • binding.http, binding.jsonrpc, binding.feed (Tomcat/Jetty)
    • (Axis2)
    • binding.ejb (OpenEJB)
    • binding.jms (ActiveMQ)
  • Implement the key parts of JEE/SCA integration draft spec from
    • implementation.we
    • implementation.ejb
  • Leverage the Geronimo QoS services such as Transaction and Security to support SCA intents/policies
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