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  • Tuscany Management capabilities
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This page is designed to provide a space for thoughts about Management capabilities for Tuscany.

What is Management?

Management is mainly two things:

  • Providing events and information about entities running within a Tuscany (distributed) runtime
  • Providing control services that allow changes to be made to the running system

What is the design for Management in Tuscany?

At the moment, this is a blank page.

<Mike Edwards>
For my pennyworth, I believe that we need to:

  • Provide services for management functions, that can be exposed via a variety of protocols
  • Services would include event mechanisms for reporting events that occur in the runtime
  • That the data model used to describe things happening within Tuscany should be based on the regular SCA metadata, with some additional metadata to describe things such as runtime nodes and capabilities such as transaction managers

</Mike Edwards>

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