The page collects contributed code and examples. Please feel free to add your own! You can place a link here to your own web site or put it directly on the wiki.

There are also numerous contributed code samples, macros, and templates on the VelocityTools wiki.

Application Code

Templates / Macros

Editor / IDE add-ins

  • Boxer_Text_Editor – a color syntax highlighting file for Velocity macros.
  • EmacsVtlMode – Emacs minor mode to do Velocity syntax font coloring. Contributed by Brian Leonard.
  • IntelliJTemplates – Velocity Live Templates for the IntelliJ IDE, written by Rickard Öberg.
  • JEditTemplate
  • UltraEdit – A 'WordFile.txt' addition for Ultraedit that hightlights Velocity keywords.

Custom Introspectors

Custom Directives

Custom Resource Loaders

Other sample code / examples

  • AnakiaWikiStyleSheet – Translates Anakia style sheets into Wiki documents
  • DVSLExamples – how to use DVSL in a webapp
  • PageList – A list wrapper that can be used to implement paging of long lists in Velocity
  • StdErrLogSystem – An example logger that sends output to stderr. By Christopher Reck. See also org.apache.velocity.runtime.log.StandardOutLogChute for a similar example.
  • XPath_Evaluation – XPath evaluating directive, by Erik Bengtson
  • JpaResourceLoader – ResourceLoader that uses a JPA EntityManager and NamedQuery to retrieve templates with Spring configuration, by David Pedowitz
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