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VelocityStruts includes both the GenericTools and VelocityView and adds tools for use in Struts 1.x applications. These tools match the functions of the key Struts taglibs and provide access to Struts resources, messages, tiles, validation functions and more.

Default Configuration

The default configuration provided for VelocityStruts is here and here and here.


TODO: just link to an anchor in a comprehensive dependencies overview page?


  • ActionMessagesTool - For accessing/displaying Struts action messages.
  • ErrorsTool - For accessing/displaying Struts error messages.
  • FormTool - For working with HTML forms in Struts apps.
  • MessageResourcesTool - Abstract view tool that provides access to Struts message resources.
  • MessageTool - Provides methods to render Struts application resources (for i18n and other textual content access).
  • SecureLinkTool - For using Struts SSL Extensions. It has the same interface as StrutsLinkTool and can function as a substitute if Struts 1.x and SSL Ext are installed.
  • StrutsLinkTool - Subclass of LinkTool for creating URI links in Struts by adding support for Struts actions and forwards.
  • TilesTool - For using Struts-Tiles (not for Tiles 2!) in Velocity.
  • ValidatorTool - Uses Struts-Validator to produce client side javascript validation for your forms.
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