Welcome to Apache Wave - Please note this project is now retired.


Apache Wave is a distributed, near-real-time, rich collaboration platform that allows users to work together in new and exciting ways. Apache Wave allows for flexible modes of communication, blending chat, email and collaborative document editing in to one seamless environment. Wave provides a lively and responsive environment that promotes more fluid and dynamic collaboration between users. 

Apache Wave started off as Google Wave and has since gone through multiple iterations of open source development. The project now resides under the Apache Incubator project where the community is being developed and the functionality of the project is being refined.

Project Website:

Apache Wave Home Page



There have been no official releases of Apache Wave currently.

In the meantime, please use the code from source, or refer to our last release candidates (for pre-builds) by checking the wave-dev mailing list archives. The latest release candidate of Wave is 0.4-rc10 (posted on 10 October 2014). Docker builds are also being prepared for a consistent build process, though the project has not reached version 1.0 and thus can have breaking changes.



We are on the Apache Software Foundation slack #wave.





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