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How to prepare a normal release ?

  • create a Version Notes page and start adding important changes to it
  • create a filter in JIRA with Fix Version pointing to the release version you want to prepare
  • review JIRA issues and re-organise them, move the Fix Version to the next release or Future, mark what should be solved in the release you're working on
  • update the Draft Docs page - build project locally, upload to people.a.o and move the content to /www/
  • or you can use the script below to update the Draft Docs after login to people.a.o:
    wget -erobots=off -nH -nv -E -L --directory-prefix=cwiki --no-check-certificate -r
    rm -r /www/*
    mv cwiki/WW/* /www/
    chmod -R g+w /www/
    chown -R :struts /www/
    rm -r cwiki

How to prepare a fast track release ?

  • keep all the informations confidential as possible, communicate throughout security@struts.a.o group
  • restrict access to all the related pages created in Confluence to struts-committers group only, they can be made public available after fix or workaround was released

What do you want to build ?

Depends on what you want to achieve, please select topic from the list below:

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  1. The Maven release plugin can help with some of these steps, especially steps 1, 2, and 9. It should also be able to do the deploy tasks. In a nutshell, you run 'mvn release:prepare', which will create the tag, remove "-SNAPSHOT", and update the version number for the next release (adding "-SNAPSHOT" back), and update the POM for the tagged version with the appropriate SVN URLs. Then, run 'mvn release:perform", which will check out the tag and do a clean build and deployment on it.