Eddie Bush

Howdy y'all! Hope you're doing as well as I am. Everyone should! Have a look around - take what you find useful and ignore the rest. If you have something you'd like to see me add or give attention to here, please feel free to mail me using the link below.

If you encounter something you don't particularly agree with or simply despise, you're welcome to drop an FYI. There's nothing like synergy, and I'm a firm believer that we can all learn something from each person around us.

Contact Information

Email: <<MailTo(ekbush AT SPAMFREE apache DOT org)>>

Short-Term Plans

  • Study current outstanding bugs
  • Determine best way to resolve
  • Squishety-squish-squish the bugs!
  • "Oh that's a big'n - watch the juice ooze out of it!"

Current bugs I'm eyeing

  • Validator Bugs
  • XHTML Bugs

Current Issues

Problem Ticket Roundmap

  • 5157 - logic:iterate attributes inconsistent with rest of struts - Could be invalid
  • 18169 - Resource attribute of msg tag in the validation.xml doesn't work as anticipated - Could be Commons Validator issue
  • 23127 - Page attribute of img and image tags doesn't use pagePattern setting - No patch, but we could try to resolve
  • 31230 - Multiple classes using deprecated DefinitionsUtil class - Patch to DefinitionDispatcherAction could be considered, and the rest tabled for 1.3.
  • 31501- FIXED (rev 56218) : html:form focus generates non-XHTML - Could be invalid
  • 31642 - <bean:include> always include Session id (if any) even for external Urls (href attribute) - Patch could be considered
  • 31658 - LogonAction does not check errors in appropriate place - Fix could be considered
  • 31684 - html:frame tag anchor attribute does not appear to pass along correctly - More information needed. We might need to add a frames page to the examples application.
  • 31827 - Bug in validation part - Could be a support issue




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