Struts Action 2.0 migration tools will assist the Action 1.x application in the migration process. These tools serve two purposes, named #2 and #3 in the MigrationStrategy document.

This page discusses what these two collections of tools might look like.

Dual Processor, Shared Resources

  • An Action 2.0 TextProvider that retrieves messages from the Action 1.x MessageResources instance in the servlet context
  • A Validation interceptor that looks up the action in commons-validation objects loaded by an existing Action 1.x application. The action errors would be translated and stored into a ValidationAware instance.
  • An Action and/or Interceptor that executes a Commons Chain chain

Conversion Wizard

  • Run an Action 1.x PlugIn using a wrapper no-op Interceptor that calls the PlugIn in its init() method
  • A wrapper Action 2.0 Action implementation that executes a Action 1.x Action (points if you can fit the word 'Action' a few more times into that feature (smile)
  • An Interceptor that loads the ActionForm for the Action so the Action 2.0 wrapper can pass it to the Action 1.0 Action
  • An Ant task that reads Action 1.x configuration and generates xwork.xml that supports the above features
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