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How do ASF Committers obtain an IDEA license?


To request your free IntelliJ IDEA license, simply send an e-mail request
from your e-mail account at to Ilya Dumov

You'll receive a reply at your address with a link to a web
page where you can confirm your details. After your confirmation, you'll
receive your license key by e-mail within 2 business days.

That's it! We look forward to your participation in our Open Source
initiative and thank you for your interest in IntelliJ IDEA.

How do I get a email account to get the IDEA License?

The Apache Software Foundation is an organization, and not a free web host, like SourceForge or GoogleCode. An ASF account is earned by making sustained and welcome contributions to a project. For more, see

The reason JetBrains (among others) give committers licenses is because we have earned them by helping to create open source products, many of which JetBrains uses internally.

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