Struts news this weekend and a snapshot guide (on 11/26/05):

Struts v1.2.8 Clasic is out released (near end of line potentialy)

Struts 1.3 Action (built on top of COR pattern, the new Struts) is pending, a release plan (an evolution)

Struts Ti (WebWork, potentialy 2.0, a next generation Struts) merger w/ WebWork:

aka Struts Jericho? (

Struts Shale (JSF Centric) RC1 is out (a revolution):

Struts Scripting (BSF SubProject) release plan:

Java Web Parts (Formerly Struts Ajax) factored to work w/ non-Struts

Struts Tiles refactored (old news to some) so they can be used outside Struts as well(instead of portlets?)

Struts C# (old news to some)

More Struts: Source Code PMC

Did I miss something? What version are you developing on now?

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