Struts 1.4 Roadmap

The purpose of this page is to define high-level requirements that will go into the Struts 1.4 release.


The 1.4 release will focus on being a "bridge" to 2.1 by adopting some of the conventions and ideas to make the user's codebase look similar to 2.x actions. This will mainly benefit users who already have large 1.x applications, but cannot afford to refactor and replace previous development.

If possible, the 1.4 controller should be able to run side-by-side with 2.1 and interact rather well.

Convention over Configuration

  • (tick) Make the <forward> "name" attribute optional and default to name "success". STR-3027
  • (tick) The Controller shall, in the absence of the <action> "input", search for the standard forward named "input" . STR-3025
  • Write in the defaults to the 1.4 DTD to help with auto-completion.


  • (tick) Place the S2 SUCCESS, INPUT, ERROR, LOGIN constants in Action. STR-3024
  • (tick) Allow actions to be prototypical STR-3067
  • How to determine the model object that would fill out the parameters of the result string?
  • (tick) Introduce an extensible dispatcher (and provide standard implementations) that makes dispatching a first-class citizen in Struts. The framework can allow subclasses to dispatch to any kind of method signature, provided support for interpreting the return value is also there. STR-3168


  • (tick) Tiles2 integration

1.4.1 (I18N release)

  • Shared subproject of localization strategies
  • S1/S2/Tiles will have unique adapters to use the strategies
  • Will refactor STR-2897 for this purpose
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