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My comment is about the html:cancel tag. The documentation for its property attribute has an explicit warning, it ends with "You will need to do your own cancel detection.". I would like some hints to alternative "cancel detection" implementations, for example when you are using LookupDispatchAction.

At the moment, some documentation pages (like ) contain 'future' information, e.g., the checkbox tag has an attribute 'errorStyle' which is not valid in the current release version of stuts. It says "Since: Struts 1.2.5" but I would have found it helpful if there were some indication that this is not yet the current version.

Missing Some Attributes in Documentation for html:form


There is no mention of the "name" and "type" attributes. Seems like these used to be listed in the documentation, and I'm currently using both attributes with struts-html-el.

The 'name', 'type' and 'scope' attributes were deprecated on 7 August 2002 and removed on 10 August 2003.

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