A Struts Haiku

model view control
struts is good for this model
simple it is not



design, thoughts form bean
parse text configuration
request a response



Hesitant to bear
Open source community
Haiku scrutiny



Your action is null.
So your form will not process.
Edit struts-config.



Interesting post. 
What does all this mean to me?
I have errors now.



Time, too much have you
major geeks these people are
boss know you do this? :)



Yoda think hard now..
Me think this Friday yes hmmm?
topic cause these thinks



Jakarta Struts rules
learn it, code it, live it
.NET is evil



HaikuParsingException: Line 2 must contain 7 sylables
in WasteEnormousAmountsOfTime.composePoems



try {
  System.out.println("Why do I persist"); 
  System.out.println("Crazy, this now has become"); 
  System.out.println("Must shoot myself now"); 
catch( HaikuParsingException e ) {
  log.error( e.toString() ); 



action does not fire, 
jsp is a mess
take a deep breath and redirect 
...oh how I wonder, should one unit test



I'm back I know it is true
Accompanied by limericks and Haiku
Some may complain
And claim I'm a bane
But my verse is as free as a gnu



Mark returns to list
Limericks Haiku explode
a coincidence?



Or, moving to a slightly less elevated form.

There once was a form validation.
That wasn't invoked, consternation!
The class I'd extended,
Keyed on form as intended.
But the formset was the action variation.



I once knew a man good with css files
His struts-config went on for miles
Then Cedric came along
With a book and a song
Now he does everything with Tiles.

Oh great!!!  Geek Poets!!!



Struts config is 'broke'
wonder who came up with these
X-M-L tag names?

--John Hethcox

Struts and Tiles are cool.
But what I prefer in fall?
Indoors swimming pool.

Miroslav Hornik

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