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This page lists some ideas people posted to Bugzilla, which couldn't be resolved at the time, but that someone might be to address at a future date. The tickets have been marked closed.

Client should be able to set actively the content type:

2001-01-08 09:02:

The contentType information should be handled on a per session basis not on application level as currently done by setting content in the web.xml file. There is a Locale per session and the contentType depends on the Locale. That in consistency should be removed.

2001-02-02 18:24:

The content type (which includes the character encoding) is actually set by the JSP page to which you forward control. Unfortunately, the JSP syntax does not allow dynamically calculating the character encoding to be set.

Further investigation is required to identify a viable solution.

Improvement for component state management

  I posted on a mailing list a while ago regarding a way to manage  

buttons/fields that must be disable/enabled at any given time in an web application. My conclusion was that they where no easy way handle that (Am I wrong?).

So I implement my state management this way:

 <input type="button" name="btnCcNumber"  


NOTE: I didn't use tag lib for input .. I probably got a problem with it .. anyway ...

The HtmlcomponentController returns a HTML string to disable/enable the button base on application current state and user's role/permission.

I would have liked to do it this way, which is more clean(smile)

<html:button property="btnCcNumber" stateManaged=true>

In this solution you must provide a handler (maybe put it in the session as application attribute). When the stateManaged attribute is set, the taglib get the pre-defined handler and calls a method (like getStateAttribute ) with the button name as argument and get the button current state (This one return true/false).

Maybe it already been asked before.. or maybe I didn't address my problem the right way ... Anyway I'm asking just to be sure ... (smile)

If you need more inputs just tell me

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